Create Rectangle Label for Object Detection

Create a Rectangle Label

  1. Type label name in the "Name*" form

  2. Rectangle is default in "Type*" dropdown

  3. Select label color from "Color*" menu

  4. Click "Create" button

  5. Repeat as needed for multiple labels .

When to use

Rectangles enable object detection.

Architectures such as R-CNN, YOLO and SSD support rectangles (also known as bounding boxes) as input. Some use cases include detecting people in photos, buildings in satellite imagery, and gunshots in audio spectrograms.

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Adding Sub-Labels

This is useful for having classes associated with higher level instances. Example: drawing rectangles around birds for object detection, but having a class for types of bird within the rectangle (Duck, Geese, etc...).

  1. Click "+ Add Sublables"

  2. Type a sub-label name

  3. Choose sub-label type

  4. Fill out label options

  5. Click "Save"

Data Format

The Rectangle schema element creates an array of objects with data consisting of minimum and maximum XY coordinates. These minimum and maximum values define the boundaries of the rectangle. The XY coordinate values are relative (0.0 to 1.0) to width and height respectively.


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