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HyperLabel is now Plainsight. Visit Plainsight.ai for more information about our enterprise vision AI solutions.

We’re not just a dev team behind the application, we’re super users too! We know firsthand that ML models are only as good as their training datasets, so we built HyperLabel from the ground up for top speed and quality while eliminating typical labeling bottlenecks.

Fast and Easy Data Annotation

Remove ML project bottlenecks caused by time-consuming data labeling. HyperLabel is built for individual data scientists, as well as ML teams and even large enterprises. From desktop downloads, to custom installations and managed services, HyperLabel gets you from zero-to-training easily, accurately, and at hyper speed.

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Easy-To-Define Custom Schemas

HyperLabel supports popular label schemas for computer vision:

Rectangles, Polygons, Points, Feature Points, Text, Class, Multi-class

Labeling Images

Supported Label Formats

HyperLabel supports exporting to popular data formats computer vision:

Create ML, COCO, YOLO, Pascal VOC

Export Labels

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