Organize your data and labels with projects

Projects are a way to organize data and labels. After labeling they can be exported in a variety of formats to be used in Machine Learning or shared with others.

Since labeled data is exported by project, we recommend making different projects for different machine learning objectives. For instance, you may have one project for detecting boats in images, and another for reading chess boards.

Project List Navigation

When HyperLabel is launched it displays the list of any existing projects.

  1. To open an existing project click on its thumbnail or name.

  2. To navigate back to the project list from any page click the HyperLabel icon in the upper left corner.

Create a New Project

  1. To create a new project, click on the “Create Project” button near the top right corner of HyperLabels home page.

  2. Enter Name the project and press "Next" or press enter

A prompt for adding a Data Source will appear. If you skip this step by pressing "Label Schema" you can add a data source later under the "Project Details" tab.

pageData Sources

Add Labeling Instructions

Instructions can be useful to add to a project so anyone labeling can reference them.

  1. Open a project

  2. select the "Project Details" tab

  3. Click "Project Instructions"

  4. Write labeling instruction (Supports markdown formatting)

  5. Click "Save"

Import Project

Importing is used to load a project that has been exported in the HyperLabel format.

  1. Click "Import Project"

  2. Navigate to where the project JSON file is saved

  3. Select JSON file and click "open"

Project will now appear on the project list page as thumbnail

Export Project

This section covers how to Export a project to share across machines. To export labels for Machine Learning application see Export Labels.

Exporting a project to share:

  1. Navigate to "Dashboard"

  2. Click "Export Project"

  3. HyperLabel format should be selected by default

  4. Click "Export Now"

  5. Navigate to desired directory to save the project

A notification will be displayed when the project is finished exporting.

Delete a Project

  1. Hover over project in project list page

  2. Click on trash-bin icon that appears

  3. A prompt will ask to confirm deleting project

  4. Click "Delete" in prompt

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