Labeling Images

How to use labels on images

Apply labels to images

Once labels have been created they can be used to label images within the project.

  1. Navigate to the "Labeler" tab.

  2. Select Label to use from the panel on the left (first label is automatically selected).

  3. Use the label on the on the images.

  4. Click "Submit" to apply the labels to the image.

Image Navigation

Next and Previous

Specific Image

  1. Click the number in between the navigation arrows.

  2. Type number to navigate to.

  3. Click "OK"

If image has an un-submitted label change, a prompt to "Discard Changes" or "Save & Submit" will appear.

Adjust labels

  1. If label from panel selected press "ESC"

  2. Click on label applied to image

  3. Label can now be adjusted

  4. Click "Submit" button

Copy labels

If labeling images with similar object placement, such as frames from a video it can save time to copy labels from previous image.

  1. Toggle "Auto Add from Previous"

  2. Adjust labels if needed

  3. Click "Submit" button

Remove labels

Remove individual labels

  1. Select label by clicking on it

  2. press "DEL", "Backspace" key, or click the "Delete Label" button

  3. Click "Submit" button

Remove all labels in a single image

  1. Click the "Clear All" Button

  2. Click "Submit" button

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