Local Storage

What is a Local Storage data source?

Local Storage refers to a folder of images that resides on your local computer.

Adding a Local Storage data source

Ensure that your desired data set of images are in a single folder (directory) on your computer. To add images across multiple folders, simply add a separate Local Storage data source for each.

Once you have folders of images to use for your data set stored on your local computer, you can now add a Local Storage data source in HyperLabel.

Go to the Sources tab Click "Local Storage" Enter you data source name. This is for display purposes only and is simply used to name your data source in the list of sources. Select the file or folder you want to import for labeling.

Folders with video files are automatically detected. A video file will be split into images based on your desired frames per second. Enter how images you'd like to capture per second.

Hit Save or Finish to begin syncing the files and folders. Your data source should appear in your Sources list when syncing has completed.

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