Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you support Linux?

Linux support is coming soon!

Data Sources:

What happens when a data source is synced?

On a sync, the metadata required to fetch the images is pulled. At runtime when the user enters the Labeler tab, the image is fetched using the metadata.

What happens when I delete an image from a bucket that's being used as a data source?

You will need to re-sync your data source. In an upcoming version of HyperLabel, you will have the options to add new files and remove deleted files on sync.

I'm having trouble syncing a public S3 bucket and receive a "Please check your credentials and try again" error. What should I do?

When using public S3 buckets, be sure that:

  1. the bucket name is spelled correctly

  2. the bucket is configured as a Public bucket.

  3. the bucket is configured to give Public access to Everyone to "List objects", as seen in the screenshot below.

To test if a bucket has public access to list objects enabled, you should be able to retrieve a listing of your bucket's contents in XML when using this URL format: http://s3.amazonaws.com/<BUCKETNAME>

If you are getting accessed denied using this URL format, then you may need to check bucket permissions and enable "List objects" access.

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